Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anomaly by Qarmasutra with ♥

Full Entry for :
Anomaly by Qarmasutra with ♥ for Mrs Bazilah and Mr Zul .

Qarmasutra wardrobe by : Kamarini Bridal Sense
Handbouquet by : Qarmasutra with ♥

Gambar by Qarmasutra : Ben Firdaus Azraai
Wedding planner : Ben and Anuar

The proposal

The Dais  , meja beradap and decorations

Brooch Handbouquet

Qarmachestra by Qarmasutra with  ♥

Bazilah and Zul ♥

Thank you for your kind interest on Qarmasutra with ♥ . We are honored and it is much appreciated.
For those who have not receive our quotations, kindly email us again at or you can call us at +60173056449 or +60127603812.
Please be reminded that this is for serious appointments only . 

Thank you manis ♥


  1. cantik... ni yang buat rasa x sabar nk kawen~

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