Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Safi Balqis Product Launching Ceremony : Arabian Night

 Salam .
Qarmasutra has been selected to do the decor for Safi Balqis product launching ceremony which was held at Crowne Plaza Bukit Bintang . Carried themes of Arabian night , the ceremony was run smoothly and successful .

Congratulation to Shila Hamzah as her becoming the new face of Safi Balqis .Enough said , lets the picture do the talking .


Event : Corporate Product Launching Ceremony
Venue : Crowne Plaza Bukit Bintang
Scope of work : Decor
Crew : Anuar , Ben , Faizah and Shami

A million of thanks should be given to Miss Ilya Qastalanni and Madam Mahsuri for the oppurtunity that they had gave to us .
                 Kindly drop any comment for further detail for our services . we will reply as fast as we can .
                                                                      Salam Ukhwah .