Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wedding of Faridah & Syairazie

Salam Ukhwah .
For this wedding , we have been asked to do the dowry for HIM and the room decor for HER . Actually , the bride is our ID client younger sister so , she seeks for our services after knowing that Qarmasutra also offering a weddings consultancy .

The theme given is black and white which is rarely we seen a young bride would pick . however it is , we have try our best to emphasize the black and white color with using red , gold and silver as it will enhanced the themes color itself .

We have use a roses , lily and chrysanthemum for her wedding . And as you can see , its ok to use a fruit to be a decor highlight because , the fruit itself can enhanced the backdrop and its surrounding .

Enjoy the view

Mr candle and his mustache

The envy of fresh bouquet toward the brooch

Black mirror frame on the front view

The Dowry for HIM

Polo shirts and Ck Pants for HIM

 Camcorder and dslr lense for HIM

 Al-Quran and Praying Rug for HIM

 Fishing Equipment for HIM

 Fondant Cake for HIM

 Fruits for HIM

 Patchi for HIM

 Puma for HIM

 Calvin Klein Wallet and Belt for HIM

Giorgio Armani for HIM

 Sireh Junjung for HIM

The bride : Mrs Faridah

Venue : Ampang Selangor
Event : Wedding
Scope of work : The Room Decor and The Dowry for HIM
Congratulation from us , QARMASUTRA WEDDINGS & EVENTS to MR Syairazie and MRS Faridah ! And thanks for the trust that you have gave .
Kindly drop any comment or call us for further detail for our services . See you guys then . Salam

Monday, November 15, 2010

Qarmasutra Next Project

Salam .
Our next project will be is :

1. Room Decor and The Dais for Ida at Ampang .
2. Safi Balqis Launching at Crowne Plaza Kuala Lumpur .
3. Laugh And Loud ( LOL) Company Launching at Cheras .
4. Shila and Radzlan Engagement Ceremony at Sungai Buloh Selangor .
5. Sophea and Shafirul Wedding Ceremony at Shah Alam Selangor .

We will do our best to make all the client satisfied with our services . Promise will upload all the events picture in our blog for your pleasure . Do support us .

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Do drop a comment or call us for any inquiry . Thanks and Salam .

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding of Hanisah & Khairul Anuar

Salam Ukhwah.
The bride is our old friend , since she had planned the wedding , she already seek for a wedding planner , unlucky for us , she meet somebody else . Then , hanisah just knew that we are doing a wedding things , so she offered us to the decor for a bride room and the dowry

Frankly speaking , this is our first wedding job and we have done our best for Hanisah . The color theme for this wedding is purple and silver .

The Dowry For HIM


Fossil Watch For Him

Polo Black For Him

Loreal Skin Care For Him

Songkok and Pray Rug for him .

Fossil Wallet and Shade For Him

Ring For Him

Chocolatier For Him

Topman For Him

Fruits For Him

Sireh Junjung For Him

The Designers


Venue : Selangor
Event : Wedding
Scope of work : The Room Decor and The Dowry

If you have any inquiry about our design and service , mind to add us on facebook . Search for Qarmasutra Interior + Space and Qarmasutra Weddings & Events . Do noted that we are also a INTERIOR DESIGNER . Salam

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sungai Buloh Engagement Ceremony

Salam Fisabilillah .
There is no hiatus can be between us , there is no hiccups can be boundary in our love . A vow that we always hear from Mr to her Mrs ( will be ) . Tie the knot ? A final stage whereby a couple finally being together officially . Engagement ? Early stage of knowing each other , either they are willingly to be tested , maintain and get married or to be tested and vice versa .

This engagement ceremony was held at sungai buloh on Valentines Day . A simple wedding dais have been asked for the occasion . Suit with the budget given , here are the picture of the dais , the decor and the dowry (some of it ) .

The Dais .

The Dais .

The Dais .

The Decor .

The Dais .

The Decor .

The Decor .

The Decor .

The Decor .

The Dais.

The Dowry : Theobrama Chocolate For Him .

The Dowry : Baju Melayu and Songket For Him .

The Dowry : Ring For Him .

Venue : Sg Buloh
Event : Engagement Ceremony 
Scope of work : The Dais , The Decor and The Dowry

Thanks for the Mr and Mrs fiancee for giving us a huge oppurtunity to be a part in their precious moment . Salam .