Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Royal Chic For Dira Dato' Seri Abu Zahar Solemnization Ceremony by Qarmasutra With Love

Meet Dira Abu Zahar and helmy .
Royal chic is the theme for their solemnization ceremony .
Lets the picture do the talking .

More pictures to come .

Event : Dira Dato' Seri Abu Zahar and Helmy Reception Ceremony
Concept : Royal Chic
Colour : White and Pastel Color
Scope of work : Royal Chic Solemnization Dais , Gold Chic Reception Ceremony Dais , Meja Beradap Decoration , Decor , 11 trays of hantaran and Conceptual Design .
Clients : Dira Dato' Seri Abu Zahar and Helmy
Gambar by Qarmasutra : Lapan Tahun Studio
Wardrobe by : Anizam Yusoff
Done by : Qarmasutra with loads of 
Crew : Ben , Syahmiwahab , Tengku kery , Airiez .
Conceptual and Design by : Anuar
Credit to : Afeeq Wahab

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