Thursday, October 27, 2011

Candyland by Qarmasutra With Love Part 1

Meet Hazim and ines.
And welcome to their Colorful Candyland :)
* made by qarmasutra with full of 

The sketches and the proposal 

The excitedment begins

Event : Tunku Hazim's and Tunku Ines' Birthday Party
Concept : Candyland
Colour : Yellow , Pink and Brown
Scope of work : Decoration on kids area , desert buffet and vips area
Clients : YM Tunku Panglima Besar Nadzaruddin Raden and YM Dato' Seri Tunku Mimi Wahida Wahman
Vvips List : YTM Tunku Najihah Tunku besar Burhanuddin @ Tunku Ampuan Negeri Sembilan
OP : Kertas Puteh
Gambar by Qarmasutra : Amir Mansor and Hirzi Hisyam
Done by : Qarmasutra with 
Crew : Anuar , Ben , Maizura , ifwath , Nisa , Naem and Syahmiwahab
Credit to : Miss June and Kak ida

A higher appreciation goes to Tunku Mimi for the trust and corporation that she gave to us . We thank you .

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