Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Farah AF2 + Johan Berinai Ceremony with Love

 Meet Farah and Johan .
A couple who will not let  the distance be a boundaries for them .
Congrats to Farah diana anuar and johan from qarmasutra .


The lovely dais

Farah Diana Anuar

Event : Farah diana anuar + Johan Berinai ceremony
 Concept : Interior Look
Color selection : White , purple and pink
Venue : Gombak
Scope of work : Mini dais for farah
Crew : Anuar , Ben , ifwath , naim and maizura
Photographer : Anuar + Ben + Ifwath
Makeup by : Farah
Wardrobe by : Al Jabbar
Special thanks to : Afeeq

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Have a good day people :)

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  1. pakaian dan tudung farah pakai ni rekaan siapa ya?