Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farah + Najib Post Wedding Shoot

Salam .
This is not the full edition of Farah + Najib post wedding shoot pictures , will upload more soon .
60's and casual was the themes for farah + najib post wedding shoot . a great moment and seriously we enjoyed it much . Beautiful place and beautiful people , Thanks Auntie fah ;)

Event : Farah + Najib Post Wedding Shoot
 Theme : 60's and casual
Venue : Najib House at Moreb Selangor
Props by : Qarmasutra
Wardrobe by : Farah + Najib personal collection
Wardrobe selection by : Anuar
Crew : Anuar and Ben
Photographer : Nazimzafri
Makeup by : Riezza Amour

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