Saturday, May 28, 2011

Carrie Junior Product Launching Ceremony

Salam .
This event was all about Carrie junior relaunching product , it was held at full house sunway giza and the theme for the event was a beach .


The mood board

*images taken from google .

The peoples

the pink elephant with the funky girls

Wardina Saffiyah tooks a role as a emcee for the event

Event : Carrie Junior Relaunch product ceremony
Theme : Beach
Corporate Color : Pink and yellow
Venue : Full house Sunway Giza Damansara
Scope of work : Decor , beach props arrangement and cupcakes
Crew : Anuar , Ben , Faizah , Naim , Fuad , Mizie and Shafiq ,  
Photographer : Sham
Credit to : Miss Ilya Qastalanni Haulilah and Madam Natasha Roslan
Special thanks to : Naim

Received a good review from the client and from the reporters as well . Alhamdulillah .


  1. :-)
    thx to qarmas for the moment!thx a bunch.really appreacite it.luv it.
    special thanks? (nanges).komentator pilihan la ni eh?
    igt.....apron! nnti dh besarkan perniagaan mungkin leh buat reality show pulak.

    wah....panjng ni komen.
    nk tmbah sikit,i would LOVE to join again.hope so.

    i THANK u Qarmas!i
    nota kaki: owh....xaci,pekjah komen awal kali ni

    warm regards,

  2. Big congrates!!
    so colourful, so nice!! (^.^)

  3. ilya oooh ilya ...congrats menang ratu