Saturday, April 2, 2011

Glow Product Launching Ceremony

Salam ,
Sorry for taking a long time to update the new entry . Kinda busy .
This event was all about the GLOW product launching . Go google Glowforever if you have no idea about the product .

Here was the detail of the ceremony :
Theme : Purple and Butterfly
Scheme color : Pink , Range of purple and white

Event : Glow Product Launching Ceremony
Venue : Full House Sunway Giza , Damansara .
Scope of work : Decor and flower arrangement
Crew : Anuar , Ben and  Ainaa
Photographer : Self captured ( sorry for the low quality of images )
Credit to : Miss Ilya Qastalanni Haulilah

Cant wait to upload our new wedding picture . Be patient and we will back with a new fresh idea , its just breathtaking , trust me .

Call us for futher detail as we not only doing the wedding but we also do the corporate event as well . email us at for a quotation or just like our page at facebook , search for qarmasutra weddings & events . oh , dont hesitate to drop your comment or hi at our chat box , you will make our day .
salam .


  1. hi the Qarmas, sy sgt2 suka bunga yg dlm galvanized pot tu.menyerlah jauh daripada biasa...

    wish u good luck and all d best.
    i always find the human touch here!


  2. Thank you for the magic touch of qarmasutra for the tea party event concept

  3. ilya : Thanks for the compliment babe ;)

  4. sgt suka!!! nak jadi crew bisa?

  5. farah : kindly call anuar or ben for further detail . wah ! hehe ;)