Monday, January 3, 2011

Laugh Out Loud Company Launching . Part 1 : The Ambience

Salam Ukhwah .
For this event , we glad that the owner of Laugh out Loud Entertainment : Mr Afiq Wahab and Mr Gadaffi Ismail Sabri gave us 100 % of trust to transformed the hall into the world of Masquarade . This event was just not meant to be a company launching , it was also for a suprised birthday party for Dafi .

For this entry , we will show you the ambience of the hall itself as you can feel it thru all the pictures . For the next entry , qarmasutra will upload a picture during the event and the people whom involved .

Enjoy the view people .

Theme : Masquarade
Event : Laugh Out Loud Entertainment Company Launching and Gadaffi Ismail Sabri
Suprise Birthday Party
Venue : Dewan Kampo International Youth Centre , Cheras KL
Scope of work : Decor
Crew : Anuar , Ben , Faizah , Shami and Ainaa
Photographer : Shami
Credit to : Ray and Megat 

Again , congratulation Mr Afiq and Mr Dafi for the LOL Launching . We will always pray for the best for both of you . Thanks for the oppurtunity and we glad that the event was smoothly run . A high appreciation goes to Mr Ray as the head of the event and Mr Megat as the photographer . To Qarmsutra's crew , you are the best !  Just wait for our next entry . Oh ! By the way , i know that you guys are very tempted/interested with the picture of the cupcakes . The cupcakes itself was just not only looks nice in the picture but it does tasted good . You can call us regarding the cuppies . Salam


  1. nice work people! keep up the positive momentum!
    who said man cant do their magic touch with flowers?? even gurls fail to do so.. ;) i admit it..

    anyway nice n superb working experience! creative n very supportive working environment with brilliant touch and creative ideas!! dramatics! i like!! tq guys..

  2. job well done guys!
    it has been a pleasure working with u guys.
    the transformation and the event itself was a huge success.

    clap clap

  3. giler kaw first time ikt korg buat keje naek giler i... ta pnh2 kn?? hehehee.
    sangat2 cantik.. :)

  4. Faizah : Thanks faizah for ur support ! a gud work when we are together ;)

    ray : thanks for the trust and support that you have gave . wat an a experience lah ! ;)

    ainaa : sila belajar cucuk bunga selepas ini ;p

  5. okey2.. saya akn belajar cucuk bunga okeyyy... ::)

  6. cant wait for next update!! make it quick!

  7. hey there,

    came across bout u guys from phya wedding! if possible can email me your wedding package price to

    really hope to hear from you soon ;)

    TQ - Farah

  8. huish! x sangka aku event ni ko wt

  9. Very imaginative..well done dude!..:)

  10. Faizah : i will update it as fast as i can ;)

    Farah : will email you the quotation by tomorow ;)

    mimie : hehe .. thanks . i take it as a compliment ;)

    miss tinkerbell : thanks . it such a huge hall to be transformed , but we glad that we can make it . thanks to my partner and our crew . huhu

  11. tantik!!!sgt kerol... t kawin aku nak amik ko be my weding planner ye =)ernie

  12. nice!!!!
    nuar it's your work?
    so surprise.......
    congrats! shall i have same like this in future(dreaming!)

  13. lawar!!!! nice!
    unbelieveable la nie ur work?
    ada seni=)