Friday, October 29, 2010

Qarma - Intro

Salam , since we had officially published our works , people easily get recognized and noticed our unique named , so here are the official logos for both of our company for your better eye seeing in future .

Qarmasutra Interior + Space

Qarmasutra Wedding + Event .

Qarmasutra Interior + Space is more to Interior Design Works , construction and renovation whereby as you can read , Qarmasutra Wedding + Event is willingly to provide you a wedding planner , event planner , wedding dowry , wedding deco and things that you can relate to a wedding .

We will post later on our portfolio for both ID works and weddings that we have made before .

Lots of peeps were asking what is qarmasutra and how did you guys can come out with that name ? The simple answer will be is : Qarmasutra is a SKILLS needed to do a design , design is something that you cant derived it from your instict , it need to be learn , to be practic and at the end you need to use it .
 i think thats it for now . Just wait for our next entry . will see you guys later !
* as you can see , there is our contact number on that card , so kindly drop any message or give us a call if you have any inquiry about anything ( strictly for ID + Wedding  only) .
Salam .


  1. C.A.N.T.I.K....
    ps:ala2 rizman ruzini lah ni

    sape yg design?

  2. cantik.. tp x sma mcm rizman.. u have u own identiti.. keep it up..

  3. err.... macam rizman ruzaini ? xla..diorg lain..kitorg lain ;)

    kitorg la yg design sendiri ;)
    thanx for the comment naa

  4. soooooo nice..can u make it 4 my wedding?..heheheehe..

  5. wah. simple and smart. (rizman semua aku tak kenal so xboleh compare lah. haha)

    -fazren helmi

  6. CONGRATULATIONS to both mr ben n mr khairul for the Qarmasutra.wish u all d best.


  7. Thanx u guys for the support ! ;)
    n mr naem , its mr .anuar .. not mr khairul ;)